Coffee arrived in Brazil in 1727 and spread rapidly as a result of the favorable climate. For decades, wealth has been flowing through the coffee plantations causing economic growth mainly driven by coffee.

“The 2017/2018 harvest produced approximately 52 million 60kg bags, while world production was of about 159 million bags.”

The quality of Brazilian coffee is differentiated as a result of the country’s unique agricultural characteristics. The large variety of altitudes, soils and micro-climatic differences makes coffee harvested in one region different from others in terms of sweetness, acidity and aromatic properties.


Arabica and Robusta are the two main varieties of coffee.

Each one is divided into sub-varieties that are cultivated in different parts of the country in order to select the best variety of each region.

As a result of this high quality and variety, Brazilian coffee blends meet the most varied consumer tastes.


Brazil is a country of continental size, with different cultures and habits in each region.

JDE Coffee brings together the quality of green coffee, its coffee processing knowledge and modern industrial capacity to offer differentiated products that suit the country’s different cultures and habits.

This care that we have in delighting our customers is the reason why we are leaders of the Brazilian market that is composed of 1,200 companies and 2,500 brands.

Our brands in Brazil are: